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Our current tuition and fees are as follows:

Classroom: AgeMonthly Tuition
Babies: 8 weeks – 12 months$1,165
Les Enfants: 1yr by Sept. 1st$1,100
Muchachos: 2yrs by Sept. 1st$1,055
Bambinis: 3yrs by Sept. 1st$1,030
Pre-K Class: 4yrs by Sept. 1st (8:30 am – 3:00 pm sharp)Paid by State of Georgia
Pre-K Meal Fee (Includes breakfast, lunch, and snack.)$140.60/month
Pre-K Before- and After-Care$314.50/month
Pre-K Before-Care (Drop off b/w 7-7:59am)$74/month
Pre-K After-Care (3:01-6:30pm)$277.50/month
Pre-K Before-Care: Drop in (7:00-7:59am)$8/day
Pre-K After-Care: Drop in (3:01-6:30pm)$35/day
PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged for After-Care if your child hasn’t been picked up BY 3:15pm.
Pre-K Camps$240/week

We offer a sibling discount for families with two or more children enrolled (not including Pre-K or summer camp).

For families that qualify, we offer a limited number of scholarships for reduced tuition.


Activity/Insurance Fees: Parents pay a quarterly $75 fee to cover school activities, insurance and other costs. This fee does not apply to Pre-K or summer camp.

Camp Weeks: Pre-K will be closed for week breaks throughout the year following the City Schools of Decatur calendar. Phoenix offers camp during these weeks from 7am-6:30pm with all food included. The cost is $240 per week.

Enrollment Deposit: A $100 deposit is due when you accept enrollment. This deposit is applied toward your prepaid tuition deposit (please call for details). This fee does not apply to Pre-K.

For additional information about tuition, fees, scholarships or our sibling discount, please send an email to admissions or call 404-687-9010.